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PJs Auto Spa

Welcome to Pjs Auto Spa,

I have been a real car enthusiast for as long as I can remember, and before I knew it I fell in love with them. Not long after I realized, I gained an "obsession" with making them look new again. Therefore leaves me excited to bring your vehicle back-to-life! We are also mobile, so if you just can`t seem to find the time, we can arrive at your doorstep!!

Now I complete each task at the top of my ability and then some. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the results, and if not ? I will hand you a crisp $20 dollar bill. I would be happy to clean your fleet of vehicles whether it is your daily driver, or maybe you have a lot full of business vehicles. I am very flexible with scheduling... We also offer Gift Cards as well, I bet you know someone that would really appreciate it!
We have a couple specials on right now so don`t forget to check them out!

Gold Package: What`s Included ? This is the "flawless finish" package. The best of the best includes the Bronze & Silver Package + Interior Shampoo. Interior Body Panels & leather receives a deep cleaning + reconditioned with Protectant & leather treatment, its your choice of a "dull" finish or a "shiny" finish using a non-silicone based product. Tires get dressed, while the trunk, door & hood jams are cleaned out. Followed by a layer of "Meguiar`s Carnauba" Wax applied with a Makita Polisher to protect your paint!
Price; Cars: $150, Vans & Trucks: $180
[Note that there may be some stains & marks so aggressive, that 100% removal may not be possible]
Prices may vary on the condition*

Silver Package: What`s Included ? This package includes the Bronze Package + your choice of an exterior Wax OR Interior Shampoo
Price; Cars: $125, Vans & Trucks: $150
Prices may vary on the condition*
6-8 hours required*

Bronze Package: What`s Included ? This package includes a full Vacuum, cleaning of all windows. Door Panels, console, dash, and other panels are cleaned with a Multi-Purpose cleaner followed by a gentle bath on the exterior.
Price; Cars: $100, Vans/SUVS & Trucks: $125
Prices may vary on the condition*

Other Service`s PJs Auto Spa offers:

-Clay Bar & Wax; This begins with a Gentle bath to remove any dust/dirt off the surface, followed by the Clay Bar which is a full preparation to go in deep and remove that dirt, grime, road tar, surface rust, etc. from your paint for that silky smooth finish before applying a layer of "Meguiar`s Carnauba" wax
Price; $100.00 for medium size vehicle, $125 for larger vehicle, $175 for full size SUV/Truck
6 hours Required*

-Wash, Clay bar, 2-step Polish followed by a Wax: Do you want that absolute "flawless finish" ? It all starts off with a gentle bath. Clay bar is required before any polish if you have particles on your paint (not a smooth surface). It is used with a Block of Clay and a Detail Spray. Now doing a 2-step polish requires a "Correcting Polish" as well as a "Finishing Polish". Polishing your vehicle prior to laying a coat of wax will get even further depth perception out of your vehicles paint, removing those swirl marks, and fade. Then followed by a Carnuaba Wax to seal all that hard work in for good, leaving a showroom shine. (Wax not a MUST but should be added to protect that 'perfect' finish)
Price; $325 for cars, $375 for medium sized Van/SUV/Truck & $400 for large sized SUV/Trucks
8 hours or more required*

-Clean Engine Bay: All important things will be protected. Your engine bay will be soaked down with a Multi-Purpose Degreaser agent to cut through that dirt build-up. Followed by a gentle brushing & then a final rinse. Lastly will be dried with the high-pressure air-line.
Price; $35

-Headlight Restoration: Have that foggy finish on your headlights leaving your light-output poor ? Well look no further, get them buffed to look new again and increase that light-output you need for extra night vision!
Price; $35

-Night-Vision Package: Have that foggy finish on your headlights leaving your light-output poor ? Well look no further, get them buffed to look new again and increase your vehicles light-output. PLUS get your front windows & Windshield treated with Rain Repellent leaving a streak/smear-free windshield that will bead water right off and make removal of slush & Ice easier!
Price; $45
PJs Special for a Limited time:
25% off - Only $33.75!!! Valid until May 1st*

-Smelly Interior Fix: Best results after a full shampoo cleaning* The whole interior gets sprayed with a Spray Bomb product that eliminates odors and gets deep down into the fabric. Takes 1.5 to 3 hours to cure, leaving a fresh-spring scent.
Price; Additional $20 on top of the Gold pkg, or the Silver pkg including a shampoo.

-Tire, Rims & wheel-well cleanup: This will get your wheels a good thorough cleaning with a safe wheel-acid that will cut through that awful build-up and bring them back to life, tire scrub, a good clean of the wheel wells followed up by a tire dressing
Price; $25 for small vehicles, $35 for larger vehicles. Let them shine like new!
Examples of Before & After pictures can be found on the page*

-Fabric Protection: Our colorless and odorless fabric protection will guard your vehicle from spills while forming an invisible shield around fibers so that spills will not leave stains. Applying fabric protection to newly cleaned upholstery or carpets will keep your cars interior clean much longer and make future clean-ups quick & easy. This is a must get detail service for a new vehicle.
Price; $30-45 (may require a shampoo to remove existing stains prior to application)

Rain Repellent: This gets your front two windows + windshield treated with a Rain Repellent solution that will repel rain & help visibility when needed.
Price; $10
Example pictures can be found on the page*

Aquapel Glass Treatment: Repels rain for remarkably improved vision. Makes it easier to clear ice, snow and even dirt. Reduces glare in the rain, especially at night. Helps reduce water marks and keeps down salt water"See clearly, drive safer with Aquapel" Once you've driven with Aquapel, you won't want to drive without it!
Lasts up-to 6Xs longer!!! 6-12months
PJs Special: $25
Reg price: $35
Example pictures can be found on the page*

We are also Mobile to the surrounding area, ask for details

**Small discounts can be offered to regular and returning Customers**

5 Star Detailing
Certified ADAM'S POLISHES Dealer
Certified FEYNLAB Ceramic Coating Installer
6 + years in Business
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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